Watch Winder For Between $100 and $500

Best Watch Winders Between $100 and $500

If you are even remotely as dapper, classy, chivalrous, suave, and mechanically inclined as the chic gentlemen of your grandfather’s era, your mesmerizing collection of watches must be your magnum opus. However, every watch aficionado gets to a point where they simply have too many watches than they can diligently care for and store.

Unless you’re the beloved departed Nicholas Hayek, there won’t be enough room under the sleeves of your tailored jacket to carry, and wind, all those glorious, automatic, mechanical, pieces. If so, you need a classic time-piece to manage, wind, and protect your beloved collection- a watch winder.

Many people are oblivious to the wonders of watch winders, but if you have great sentimental value attached to a collector’s watch, or simply an automatic watch that you wear infrequently, investing in a top-notch watch winder is a prudent choice.

To put it in a nutshell, watch winders are sophisticated contraptions that have a vital task to perform for watch enthusiasts; Ensuring that self-winding or automatic watches always retain sufficient energy for their clockwork drive by generating steady and constant motion.

Quality Double Watch Winder

For avid collectors and dealers of automatic watches, it is imperative to ensure that all their watches run flawlessly. However, when it comes to the hefty expenses of these machines, investing in a watch winder is tantamount to biting a bullet for most people.

Here, we have sorted out a list of 5 watch winders that won’t break your wallet and give you pride and joy every time you wind your watch:

Wolf Designs Roadster Single Watch Winder

The Wolf Designs Roadster is a meticulously crafted watch winder with an impressively sharp design. The contraption incorporates an intricate layout, including chrome finished hardware, backlit LCD Display, all seamlessly combined in to a single winding module.

Single Watch Winder

The beautiful black pebble leather provides 1:8 watch configurations, all with slots above the winders for augmented storage. The chic model is equipped with nylon gears that work in utter silence, allowing you to place the winders anywhere in peace.

Here are some commendable features of this collection:

  • Locking glass cover and backlit display
  • Delayed program start option from 6 hours to 72 hours
  • Three directional movements; clockwise, counter clockwise or bi-directionally
  • Watch cuff, designed to accommodate larger and heavier watches
  • LCD screen provides a countdown of remaining rotations left in a daily cycle
  • Range of rotation options, 300-1200 turns per day.
  • Features an Ebony Macassar Veneer faceplate
  • Backlit LCD   display screen which is powered by the control knobs or chrome plate

The exquisite design of the Roadster is perfect for avid collectors who need a place to flaunt their plausible collection and keep it in top-notch shape. This model can be had for just over $200.

Orbita Sparta W05521

Orbita W05521 is an exquisite beauty motorized by state-of-the-art rotor wind winding movement. Unlike its contenders, the Rotor wind winding movement, incorporated in this watch winder, swings the watch just as it is being actually worn on the wrist.

Orbita Sparta W05521

The built in microprocessor of Orbita W05521 triggers the servo motor, thus oscillating the watch every ten to fifteen minutes intervals throughout the day. The device is programmed to swing in 2 winding cycles. The Orbita W05521 is highly energy efficient, since the servo motor is powered in only the first oscillation of each cycle, and all the following oscillations are powered by gravity.

Some might not call it very sophisticated but mechanically, it gets the job done just right. This technology is one the most viable watch-friendly winders in the market, since its winding mechanics mimic the natural hand flow motion. This winder works for all high end watches, such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, IWS, etc., and can be had for under $300.

Chiyoda single

Chiyoda single is one of the most attractive and affordable watches to be had for under $150. The winder is contained within an exquisite, hand carved wooden box with a glorious finish, and is powered by the Mabuchi motor winding movement.

CHIYODA Single Watch Winder

This technology makes use of rotating principles to wind the watch. The winder is programmed to work in 4 varying settings, ranging from 1440 to 5760 TPD, depending upon your inclinations.

Notable features of the CHIYODA Single Watch Winder include:

  • Includes three winding modes; clockwise, anti-clockwise and automatic bidirectional. The   options ensures the accuracy of the rotating position and turns per day
  • Features a deluxe piano baked finish which results in a high glossy lacquer look
  • Includes a luxurious velvet pillow inside that will hold your watch securely into place
  • Features a variegated cherry wood veneer on the case
  • Can be powered using batteries or an AC power supply, the winder includes an AC adapter

Balocia Quad Watch Winder

If you strive to flaunt your hard-earned collection in full quadruple style, the Balocia Quad Watch Winder is the right choice for you. Not to mention that it can be had for under $300.

Balocia Quad Watch Winder

Here are some of the most notable features of this watch winder:

  • Ebony color piano slick finish with multi layers of polyurethane, drawing your eyes to your bevy of bezels.
  • 5 timer settings 650, 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 TPD (Turn per Day).
  • 4 turntables, where each one can be set to different settings depending on your inclination
  • Slick Compact Design
  • Rotates counter-clockwise, clockwise, or alternate.

Heiden Vantage Quad Watch Winder

The Heiden Vantage Quad Winder has a clear top, perfect for showcasing your collection as you will be able to see your watches at all times. The winder has been designed to offer three programmed settings. It features a tiny motor for each watch which means you may individually select an option according to the working of your watch. This ensures true flexibility for your unique time pieces.

Heiden Vantage Quad Watch Winder

Here are some of the notable features of this watch winder:

  • The standard 3 directional settings plus multiple TPD
  • Glossy black finish with clear glass display
  • Option to power with AC adapter or batteries, which usually last up to a month
  • 1-year warranty
  • LCD control for easy programming

This exquisite quad winder displays your finest four in a beautiful light, in addition to rendering you an ingenious top control panel that you can set to your heart’s desire! This watch winder is high-end in all the senses, complete with a glossy black exterior with real glass doors, and the choice to switch to batteries from the AC adapters, so that you could move it from room to room.

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