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Best Watch Winders for Under $100

A self-winding automatic watch only lives up to its name if it is kept in motion. When the watch is adorned on your wrist, the fluid motion of your arm sustains the spinning motion of the rotor, which serves to wind the mainspring.

However, watch aficionados often have more watches than they can possibly wear, and most of the time, their exquisite, and collector’s contraptions are securely tucked away in a neat display.

When left to their own devices, these watches need to be cranked up by hand. While setting right a watch or two is no hassle, the dilemma ensues when your collection grows, and might entail you to think about investing in a top-notch watch winder.

To put it in a nut shell, a watch winder has a simple enough task; oscillate a watch enough to keep its mainspring at tension and keep its energy sources from depleting, so why are there a plethora of designs swarming the markets? It all really boils down to the quality, design, additional features, and the number of watches they can wind simultaneously.

Great Watch Winder

Some winders are designed to maintain a single watch for the minimalist collector; while others are fabricated for the likes of Tony Stark and can even maintain over 50 timepieces, wound and ready to go at a moment’s notice, in tandem.

However, since some people are reluctant to splurge big bucks on this contraption, yet harbor a profound admiration for it, we have rounded up 4 great watch winders that you can purchase for under $100.

Versa G077 Automatic Single Watch Winder

Versa G077 is nestled inside an exquisite black case, enveloped in a plastic cover. It incorporates an LED light indicator which keeps a blue light blinking while the device is in use. The lavish pillowcase of G077 is comprehensively designed to fit both small and big watches.

Versa G077 Automatic Single Watch Winder

It’s winding motor in engineered to rotate counterclockwise (CCW), clockwise (CW),, and bi-directional. To provide the collector with maximum convenience and ease of use, it is programmed with 4 varying winding settings (342, 864, 1080 and 2160 Turns Per Day).

To ensure precise winding, the watch winder is programmed to replicate the cycle of a few minutes of winding proceeded by brief pauses.

The model can turn from 342-2160 Turns per day (TPD), depending on the setting mode, and can operate with relatively no noise, thus allowing you to place in anywhere. The great news is that in addition to all the great features, this watch winder can be had for as little as $50.

Versa G015 Automatic (Double)

If you possess more than one automatic watch, the Versa G015 Automatic watch turner is perfect for your use. The magnificent model boasts a quad setting model to accommodate all counterclockwise, clockwise, or bi-directional rotations, about 350-650-850-1050 TPD.

Versa G015 Automatic

The contraption turns for 5 minutes, following a period of rest, according to the applied settings. The cycle repeats throughout the time the watch winder is on. It is inherently programmed not to over wind your watch, which could wreak havoc on its intricate mechanics.

The Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder comes with one year warranty, which would afford you much peace of mind. In addition, even with the double winder, this model weights less than 3 pounds. Also, it operates in a dead silent mode, averting the grinding sounds associated with other contenders in this range, it is one of the most viable double watch winders, falling under just $100.

Versa Compact Automatic Dual Watch Winder

While it appears a bit retro, much like the dash of a late ’60s muscle car incorporating an aftermarket tachometer, the Versa Compact Automatic Dual Watch Winder has the ability to handle two watches concurrently.

Versa Dual Watch Winder

The housing of this neat little contraption from Versa can rotate whichever way you want, so that you can flaunt your collection to onlookers, or simply stare at them in wonder in isolation, anyway you wish.

It is equipped with a built in timer and works on three separate rotation modes; Counter clockwise, clockwise, and bi-directional, depending on which winding mode resonates well with your gear.

In addition, the directional settings can be augmented with multiple TPD options, ranging from 1,140 to 5,760. The model operates through a cycle of wind, rest, and repeat, which protects your precious collection.

JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Japanese Mabuchi Motor

The JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Japanese Mabuchi Motor is another viable addition to your watch winder collection.  Here are some of the notable features of this model:

Double Watch Winder

  • It is easy to operate, with a slick and attractive finish.
  • Powered with Japanese super silent motors, so that it operates in dead silence
  • The material is 100% handmade and is fabricated with environmental protection piano lacquer, and acrylic glass, and transmits using copper fittings.
  • The model comes with 2 turntables with PU soft watch pillows of smooth, atmosphere friendly and top-notch quality.
  • The watch winder can operate in three settings, clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternating, and has multiple Turns Per Day settings to choose from.
  • There are four program settings, ranging from 2 minutes CW followed by 6 minutes of rest, to 5 minutes CW followed by 5 minutes CCW.

Not to mention the exciting fact, that it can be had for just under $100, incorporating all the commendable features you can expect from a watch winder of some prestige!

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