CHIYODA Single Watch Winder Review

CHIYODA Single Watch Winder

The CHIYODA Single Watch Winder is meticulously engineered and diligently crafted, with a striking appearance to match. The beautiful wooden case, complete with an acrylic organic glass display, that allows you to view your watches being wound, adds to the charms of the contraption.

The display glass is highly transparent, and doesn’t break or scratch easily. The chic finishing of the case incorporates Piano baking varnish, to provide a luxe finish. The ingenious Japanese motor operates in dead silence, to the joy of the users.

The most redeemable quality of this watch winder is that it can be had for just under $100, an unprecedented price for such quality functionalities.

CHIYODA Wood Handmade Single Watch Winder Features

Features of the CHIYODA Single Watch Winder

  • Design: A handmade, top-notch Japanese single watch winder, finished with a glossy finish.
  • Motor: The belt driven and Japanese MABUCHI motor can run in silence, with practically no noise.
  • Footprint – 13 x 12.8 x 15 cm, with a vertical design to assist with space saving.
  • Watch Pillow: The soft, adjustable, and gentle pillow is fitted to provide support and protection for watches of myriad sizes.
  • Program Settings: 4 modes are available for this watch winder; Mode 1 (1440/TPD), 6mins clockwise rotations followed by a resting period for 30 minutes. Mode 2 (1440/TPD), 6 minutes of counter clockwise followed by 30 minutes of resting period. Mode 3 (5760/TPD), 20 minutes of clockwise motion, followed by a resting period of 10 minutes, then 20 minutes of counter clockwise followed by rest for 10 minutes. Mode 4 (2152/TPD), ten minutes of clockwise motion, followed by ten minutes of counter clockwise rotation, repeated for three hours, then a rest interval of nine hours, then repeated.
  • Body: The watch winder is fabricated with top-notch solid wood. The high-gloss veneer grants the watch winder a sophisticated façade, while maintaining the compact footprint.
  • Winding Modes: The watch winder incorporates 3 winding modes; clock wise, counter clock-wise, and automatic bidirectional. These ensure the preciseness of the rotating positions and turns per days.
  • Finish: Deluxe piano baked varnish, providing a high-gloss lacquer finish.
  • Power: The watch winder can be operated with both batteries and AC. In addition, a 100-120v AC Adapter is included.

Specifications for the CHIYODA Winder

  • Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • Measures: 5.1 x 5 x 5.9 inches
  • Warranty: One Year


  • The turns per day may be too high for some watches
  • The Motor technology is dead-silent at first, but gets noisy after a few months. In addition, the watch winder cannot accommodate large size watches.

CHIYODA Single Watch Winder


  • Small footprint
  • Operates extremely quietly with the innovative motor technology
  • Provides versatile rotating modes, counter clockwise, clockwise, and a combination of both
  • comes with four programmable settings
  • Top-notch quality, with a handsome veneered finish and aesthetic layout
  • Extremely affordable in contrast to other watch winders with similar properties
  • Exceptional performance
  • It can run on both batteries or AC
  • Fabricated from high-quality materials, for maximum durability
  • Incorporates a variegated, handmade cherry-wood veneer on the case
  • The inside of the case is lined with Velvet pillows to hold the watch securely
  • Ensures meticulous functionality of the watches at all times.
  • Easy to operate and function
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We recommend this CHIYODA single watch winder as one of the best single watch winders on market. Testing showed many advantages with only few disadvantages so if you are looking for easy to use watch winder, this one is for you.

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