Diplomat Mahogany Watch Winder

Diplomat Mahogany Wood Finish 2 Watch Winder

Among the most “all the rage” watch winders in the market is the Diplomat Mahogany Wood Finish 2 Watch Winder, which would sustain any automatic watch in an immaculately wound state and ready, on the go. Replete with a chic façade that would augment the charms of your collection, this watch winder is the most viable contraption you can find within a $100 span.

The inside of the watch winder is lined with soft, creamy leatherette, to provide a protective environment for your precious watches while they are stowed away for display.

The box incorporates a striking mahogany wood veneer, which is well-finished and sturdy (albeit not falling into the variety of ’15 coats of hand applied lacquer’). The commendable features of the device tick all the right boxes in terms of functionalities and multi-directional rotational mechanisms with pertinent rest periods controlled by a multi-program cycle.

The watch winder has a built in Smart IC timer which can control four diverse timer settings. The first timer features a programmed “off” setting, while the 2nd timer is set to provide 2 minutes of clockwise rotation appended with a 6 minutes rest period.

Diplomat Mahogany Wood Watch Winder

The third timer features 2 minutes of counter clockwise rotation, followed by a 6 minutes resting period, while the fourth timer involves both an anti-clockwise and clockwise rotation for 2 minutes followed by a 6 minute resting period. The fifth setting operates on clockwise rotation for five minutes, directly followed by an anti-clockwise rotation of five minutes.

These ingeniously timed rotations ensure that your collectible watches are exposed to natural directional movement, to keep them ready for wear whenever you need them.


  • The watch box comes with a 110 V adaptor
  • It has 4 timer settings operated via a knob
  • Dead-silent motor
  • High quality craftsmanship and materials employed
  • Protective lining and interior
  • It has multi-directional controls –counter-clockwise and clockwise


  • The winder would keep your favorite, infrequently worn watches wound and ready to wear, since it mimics the natural arm movements to keep an automated watch wound. If an automatic watch detects no motion, it stops working. This saves valuable time in needing to reset and restart the watch every time you need it.
  • This watch winder has both a counter-clockwise and a clockwise rotation, which an even, normal wear on the mechanism, in contrast to winders which only rotate in one direction.
  • Even Wear on the Internal Mechanism

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Diplomat
  • Shipping Weight: 10 pounds
  • Part Number: 689466302486
  • Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

Diplomat Watch Winder


  • Attractive exterior and interior
  • Multi-directional rotations
  • Great customer service
  • Runs quietly
  • Value for money


  • A little large for limited storing spaces.

Final Verdict

The multi directional rotations of the watch winder, interspersed with periods of rest, protect the integrity of your watches.

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It has a highly-functional, yet attractive, interior and a chic mahogany veneer on the outside, making the winder stylish enough to grace your displays. In addition, the watch winder is a great value for money, proving top-notch features for a reasonable price.

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