Best Watch Winder For Collection

The Best Watch Winders to Complete Your Watch Collection

A watch winder is a handy device where watch collectors and owners can store their automatic watches to keep them in perfect running condition. Watch winders for an automatic watch are also known as watch winder boxes. A watch winder is the perfect place to store your valuable and expensive watches.

They come in several shapes and styles so purchasing the perfect watch winder may seem like a daunting task at first. Anybody who has an extravagant collection of expensive watches should invest in a watch winder. Not wearing your watch regularly can cause it to gradually lose power as your arm and wrist movements play an imperative role in winding the watch.

The main purpose of the watch winder is to keep your watch in running condition and not loose the time setting. Many devices allow you to select the number of turns each minute according to the requirements of your watch. More complex watch winders can be pre-set and continue to run until they have completed their daily cycle.

While some winders rotate the watch in circular motion, others may cause it to swing gently. Knowing and understanding these features will play an important role in helping you make your purchase.

Quad Watch Winders

Types of Watch Winders

Watch winders are classified according to the number of watches that can be accommodated inside the device.

  • Single Winders: Designed for a single watch
  • Double Winders: Designed for two watches
  • Triple Winders: Designed for three watches
  • Quad Winders: Designed for four watches

The following are the best watch winders for each category:

Best Single Watch Winder

WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder with Cover

The WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder with cover, Black is the best single watch winder one can find. The WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder will keep your fine timepieces in perfect working condition, no matter what size.

Single Watch Winder with Cover

The exquisite winder is encased in black faux leather with a glass front cover, with chrome clasp closures and control knobs. The glass cover protects your valuable timepiece from gathering dirt and debris and also allows you to see the winder in operation.

The WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder uses a range of rotational and directional settings which can be customized to suit your watch’s requirement.

WOLF is a reputable brand and uses high-end technology to maintain your watch in peak operating condition, designed to mimic the movement of your wrist if you were wearing it.

Best Double Watch Winder

Orbita Sparta Deluxe Two Watch Winder

The Orbita Sparta Deluxe Two Watch Winder is the ideal choice for watch collectors and dealers who need an automatic watch winder for two of their most prized possessions. The Orbita Sparta Deluxe Two Watch Winder has been designed to suit a range watch brands, unlike other watch winders that come with exceptions.

Orbita Two Watch Winder Features

One of the most notable features of this watch winder is the Rotorwind system which mimics the swinging action similar to wrist movement instead of a direct rotation movement. This high-end technology increases the longevity of your watch and keeps it in perfect running condition.

The movement can be altered by two programs: the standard 10-minute program and the extended 15-minute program. Another feature of the rotorwind system involves a low current draw-drive motor that only requires one revolution to produce numerous oscillations, using only a few seconds of power.

Best Triple Watch Winder

WOLF Designs Meridian Triple Watch Winder

The WOLF Designs Meridian Triple Watch Winder is an excellent triple watch winder with its attractive piece of wood craftsmanship and stylish finish. The winder is the perfect place to display your prized possessions and keep them safe at the same time.

WOLF Designs Meridian Triple Watch Winder

No dedicated watch collector would want his timepieces to collect dust and debris over the years. The WOLF Designs Meridian Triple Watch Winder is an easy solution to all your problems.

The winder comes with a range of high-end features, including three choices of directional rotations as well as a range of impressive options of turns per day. The triple watch winder provides you the flexibility of opting for individual settings for each of your watches according to their requirements. Despite the number of motors, the watch winder operates silently.

Apart from the functionality, the WOLF Designs Meridian Triple Watch Winder features an attractive handcrafted wooden box which is a sight to behold, finished with a burlwood veneer. It features high gloss finishing that complements the gold accents and the golden control panel.

In fact, the device is such a fabulous sight that it can also be displayed as a decorative piece or even in your bedroom as the device operates silently and would not disturb you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Best Quad Watch Winder

The Heiden Prestige Quad Watch Winder

The Heiden Prestige Quad Watch Winder is one of the most advanced watch winders currently available. It is one of Heiden’s newest models that includes exceptional features that deliver a range of benefits. The Heiden Prestige Quad Watch Winder is the ideal watch winder for anyone who needs to wind multiple watches at the same time.

Quad Watch Winder

The watch winder features hour individual winders, each with their own near silent motors. Each winder can be controlled individually with different directional and turns per day settings, which means the winder is compatible with most major watch brands.

In addition, the winder includes a battery powered pack that allows you to use the winder in a location where a power source is not available.

Watch winders are an incredible useful device that will ensure your valuable possessions run smoothly for years to come. Read through the instruction manual for your watch so you can adjust the turns per day of your watch winder accordingly for optimal usage.

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