Top Orbita Watch Winders

Top Orbita Watch Winders

Orbita is one of the most renowned watch winder brands today. Founded in 1996, the young company has managed to entice a large international following with their innovative watch winder designs. The striking craftsmanship and almost near silent operation makes Orbita a first choice when considering a watch winder for both automatic and manual wrist watches.

Orbita watch winders use a unique technology called the Rotorwind. This new innovation causes the winder to swing the automatic watch rather than simply rotate it, imitating the natural action of the wrist, extending the life expectancy of the winder for years, not months.

Living up to its brand name, Orbita uses some of the world’s finest materials to make their products. This includes incorporating the best leather and modern carbon fiber.

What’s best about the brand’s website is they offer a range of instructional videos so users can learn more about the complexity and construction about the product.

The following are reviews of some of the best Orbita watch winders:

Orbita Tourbillon One Watchwinder

The Orbita Tourbillon One Watchwinder is a modern watch winder any watch collector would be lucky to get their hands on. The single watch winder displays a fresh look, different from all other traditional winders which are mostly made of wood instead of heavy glass.

Orbita Tourbillon One Watch Winder

Rest assured, the Orbita Tourbillon One Watchwinder is not all just looks but also includes some of the most advanced features you would expect from any high-end watch winder.

The Tourbillon uses an accurate quartz based mechanism with an indicator that shows the revolution per day as counted on the LCD display. As far as convenience is concerned, the watch winder is a gem since the counter automatically resets itself each night. All you have to do is set the time and push the control buttons.

The see-through glass construction allows watch collectors to check on their treasured timepieces whenever they want and see the winder in action. The glass enclosure can be opened from both sides, making it easy for one to attach the power cord at the back as well and have easy access to the drum.

Here are some notable features of the Orbita Tourbillon One Watchwinder include:

  • Exquisitely modern looking watch winder set, enclosed in crystal glass
  • 4 LED displays, operable by control buttons. The flashing display can be turned off
  • A digital clock display that shows the current time. However, the time display shines brightly in the dark, so you may have to cover the box if you prefer to sleep completely in the dark
  • High-tech accurate quartz mechanism that features 12-hour time across AM and PM
  • Push buttons included, users may set the time and alter the turns per day feature as they wish
  • Power supply, including a 7-foot cord
  • Both sides of the glass case can be opened, making the drum accessible and quite easy to reach, allowing easy access to the power cord

Orbita Tourbillon One Watchwinder

Only a few customers have left a review on the exclusive product at Amazon. This may be because of the skyrocketing high price of the Orbita Tourbillon One Watchwinder. However, consumers were highly impressed with the overall look of the Tourbillon watch winder. The programmable watch winder is easy to use.

On the downside, the watch winder requires AC power to run and the digital clock light remains lit throughout the night so if you wish to get a good night’s sleep in complete darkness, you will have to cover the watch winder.

Buy Orbita Tourbillon One Watch Winder

The Orbita Tourbillon One Watchwinder is available from a number of online retailers, browse through a number of websites to take advantage of some of the latest deals and discounts.

Orbita Sparta Deluxe Two Watch Winder

The Orbita Sparta Deluxe Two Watch Winder is the ideal watch winder for any watch collector who wishes to adorn two of his most valuable watches. This model features Orbita’s famous rotorwind system which imitates the swinging action of a wrist instead of the conventional rotation movement.

Orbita Two Watch Winder Features

The watch winder also features two handy program modes: a standard 10-minute and an extended 15-minute program mode.

Here are some of the most notable features of the watch winder:

  • An attractive burl wood exterior case plus a magnificent, luxurious suede interior lining
  • Features rotorwind movement, which mimics the natural swing movement of the wrist
  • Two programmable features for convenient usage
  • Near silent operation because of the rotor wind technology
  • Powered by lithium batteries which are guaranteed to last 5 years
Buy Orbita Sparta Two Watch Winder

Similar to other Orbita watch winders, the Sparta Deluxe is also priced quite high. While users are generally happy with the overall look and performance of the watch winder, the extravagant price means not many watch collectors can purchase the luxurious device.

Orbita Avanti 3 Watch Winder

Orbita has been known for producing quality winders for years now and consistently bringing in new ideas and innovation to the market. The Orbita Avanti 3 Watch Winder is an ingenious triple watch winder device that offers everything a high-end wind watch should.

Orbita Avanti 3 Watch Winder Review

Apart from its highly modern look, the watch winder includes the noteworthy rotorwind system that mimics the rotational wrist movements, resulting in near silent operation.

Some of the most notable features of the watch winder include:

  • Highly attractive and modern Black Lacquer outer casing, also includes a removable smoke acrylic dust cover
  • Programmable, can operated at a high setting of 1300 turns per day to a low number of 800 turns per day
  • AC adapter included
  • 2-year warranty included

According to Watch Longue, the Orbita Avanti 3 Watch Winder is an impressive unit, though it includes a mirror which is prone to scratching and fingerprints. Further on the downside, the batteries are Alkaline ‘C’ cells rather than the incredibly long-lasting lithium ones, though it also includes a standard AC power option.

Buy Orbita Avanti 3 Watch Winder

Browse through the best Orbita watch winder reviews online so you bring home the perfect watch winder for your collection.

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