WOLF Triple Watch Winder

Wolf Designs Meridian Triple Watch Winder

The Wolf Designs Meridian Triple Watch Winder is a commendable contraption, designed for storing three watches at once. This gorgeous piece of wood craftsmanship is finished meticulously to render charms to your display.

The wolf triple winder is a must have for any avid collector, aspiring to keep three watches wound and in top-notch condition for on the go. Even if you have a few additional watches, the Wolf winder has an indented lid, which is stackable. The indented area can be used to store other accessories as well, such as mobile phones.

The look and feel of the watch winder is striking, replete with a handcrafted wood box, finished immaculately with a burl wood veneer, and complemented with a high gloss finish, handsomely contrasting with the gold accents.

The striking gold plating contrasts against the black silk faceplate of the unit. The attractive unit is not just highly functional, but also makes for a beautiful decorative item.

Triple Watch Winder

Features of the WOLF Meridian

  • Design: An exquisite watch winder, incorporating high gloss burl wood veneer, topped with gold plated accents, stainless steel bands, chrome knobs, and a high quality wooden frame. The inside of the watch winder is lined with luxe silk to provide maximum protection to delicate watches.
  • LCD: Backlit LED can be switched on by turning the control knob or touching the chrome plate.
  • Power: The watch winder can run on both batteries and AC power via a 3.3 volt power adapter included.
  • Rotations: The rotations are programmed to increase incrementally from 300-1200 TPDs. The remaining rotations for each cycle can be tracked on the LCD screen display.
  • Rotation Directions: The watch winder is designed to rotate counter clockwise, clockwise, and bi-directional. Between the myriad Turns per Day and the rotation choices, 57 choices are available for personal settings.
  • Start Delay: To allow the main spring to unwind completely before the rotations start, a delayed start of 6-73 hours can be provided.
  • Watch Cuff: The watch cuff is designed to accommodate large watches. The cuff can “lock” the watches securely onto the winder drum.
  • 20 millimeters of band width is provided.
  • Stackable: The watch winder can be piled on top of additional units to help in winding additional watches
  • Storage: Additional storage is provided at the bottom of the unit to store additional watches. There are two storage drawers at the bottom, and an indented storage area on top.


  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Measures: 6.2 x 15.5 x 8 inches
  • Item No: 4537-10


  • Top-notch craftsmanship and ingenious engineering
  • Incredible value for money for such incredulous features
  • Dead silence operation
  • competent prices as compared to other watch winders incorporating similar quality functions
  • Easy to use and highly functional
  • Ability to stack
  • Generous choice of settings to resonate with the needs of your watches
  • Touch sensitive controls for maximum accessibility

WOLF 453710 Meridian Triple Watch Winder


The watch winder is a little heavy on the pocket, coming up at over $500. Otherwise, no such glaring issues found.

Final Verdict

The Wolf Designs Meridian Triple Watch Winder is available at competent prices from various reputable, online retailers.

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While it may not be the most popular watch winders in the market, it’s loyal, sated follower base is a testament to its unflinching quality and value. This stylishly functional, and highly resourceful design is a must have for every watch-aficionado, who treats with watches with veneration!

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