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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Watch Winder

The watch you wear says a lot about your personality and who you are as a person. Watches are most likely the only accessory you feel the need to wear every single day. Over the years, watches have become the ultimate status symbol.

People around the world invest in intricate timepieces that cost thousands of dollars. When so much emphasis is given to the appearance of the watch, it is imperative you also pay attention to what makes your watch tick.

What are Watch Winders?

If you do not already know, a watch winder is a device that automatically keeps self-winding watches running when they are not worn. By and large, a watch winder is a small box with a motor that is either powered by a battery or an AC power source that spins the cup by holding the watch in place.

Double Two Watch Winders

Some timepieces do not have to be wound manually by turning the dial because they wind themselves when they are strapped to the arm. Unlike conventional watches, automatic watches use a moving weight inside the watch.

When the watch is worn, the weight starts to swing and rotate, initiating the winding mechanism. Watch winders come in a variety of sizes and styles, hence choosing the perfect watch winder for yourself might seem like a daunting task.

Why Should I Invest in a Watch Winder?

People who own fancy, intricate and collectable self-winding watches are most likely to invest in a winder. Apart from keeping the timepiece accurate even when it is not worn, the watch winder also extends the overall life of the timepiece by keeping its parts lubricated and moving for years to come.

Plus, anybody who wears an automatic watch which isn’t worn daily should invest in one. Not wearing your watch daily causes it to gradually lose power until it no longer displays the accurate time or date.

Watch winders are also beneficial for people who own a collection of watches and do not wear all of them on a daily basis (you can only wear on watch at a time, anyway).

Investing in a watch winder will save you the trouble of having to reset your watch after every few months, preventing damage to your expensive and vintage watches. In short, here are the benefits of investing in a watch winder:

Watch Winder Features

  • Prevents damage to expensive watches
  • Keeps the timepiece accurate
  • Extends the overall life of the timepiece
  • Ideal for collectors who have a large number of watches
  • Provides storage area to keep all your watches safe

While most automatic watches let you know when rewinding is necessary, you will still be required to reset your watch every time it happens. A watch winder eliminates these problems.

Types of Watch Winders

Watch winders are classified according to the number of watches that can be accommodated inside the device.

  • Single Winders: Designed for a single watch
  • Double Winders: Designed for two watches
  • Triple Winders: Designed for three watches
  • Quad Winders: Designed for four watches

Some winders can also accommodate additional watches for storage. This is highly beneficial as all your precious belongings will be kept in a single place. However, watch winders are divided into the following three categories, according to EBay.

Quad Watch Winders

  • Functional: These watch winders are primarily designed to perform the duty of winding one or more watches. The units hold the watch on the exterior of the device. The units are to be placed on the tabletop or the shelf. Some units have the capability to hold more than one watch, resembling a merry-go-round. These winders are generally inexpensive.
  • Elegant: These watch winders go beyond functionality. Elegant units come in exquisite designs and offer a nice form and exterior. Elegant watch winders feature an enclosed box made out of the finest materials, such as finished wood, or is covered with leather. These units are aesthetically pleasing and are meant to be displayed on a desk or dresser. Elegant watch winders are designed for vintage and valuable watches.
  • Extravagant: Taking things up a notch, these units are meant for high-end luxury items. Apart from functionality, these winders may also include heaters to store the watch in ideal temperatures. These winders may also include built-in storage drawers, automatic time display and other high-end features. When it comes to extravagant watch winders, the sky is the limit.

What to Consider When Buying a Watch Winder

Depending on your price range, you can opt for exquisite watch winders made from quality materials with intricate design or opt for something more modest yet functional. Here are a few features you should consider when buying a watch winder:


According to WatchTime, presentation plays a key factor in purchasing a watch winder. If you are a passionate watch collector, you would obviously not want to store your precious collectables in a battered old box that only deters the beauty of your collection.

Display Case of Watch Winders

When it comes to showcasing valuable watches, opt for watch winders that offer high quality presentation. Watch winders are available in a variety of materials, including fine wood, leather, and silk, etc, which are particularly well suited for showcasing valuable watches.

High-end and exquisite watch winders allow dealers and manufacturers to embellish and enhance their products, luring in customers. At the same time, watch collectors and lovers may use watch winders to highlight their collection and express their appreciation for watches.


Do you need a place to display and showcase your valuable collectables? Perhaps you should consider buying a watch winder. Apart from keeping the timepiece accurate, various winders provide additional storage for you to store your watches. If you have a large collection of watches, consider the storage space when purchasing a winder.

Triple Watch Winders

Safely tucked away in a corner of your home, your watches will not only be safe but winders will also protect your watches from getting lost, and also keep dust away. Not to mention, it will also keep your children from using your collectables as an accessory for their stuffed animals.


Do not simply purchase a watch winder based on its appearance and functionality but consider how loud it is as well. Inexpensive winders tend to be extremely loud, which means you cannot put them in your bedroom as it will keep you from sleeping soundly at night. Before you invest in a watch winder, assess how quiet it is when it is in operation.

If you are purchasing a watch winder online, you can read reviews about how loud the device is. Some people also share videos online, so do proper research before spending on a watch winder simply based on its appearance.


Some people assume that price isn’t indicative of quality when it comes to watch winders and that they can buy inexpensive ones without compromising on performance. However, not all automatic winders are made equal.

According to Watch Winder Store, many vendors advertise poor quality ‘automatic watch winder’ that are nothing but ordinary watch boxes with a low quality motor attached to it. These gadgets are nothing close to a genuine watch winder, such as gadgets only spin your watches non-stop.

Wolf Heritage Winders

While these spinners might initially serve the purpose of a watch winder, they will cause internal damage to the mainsprings of the watch by exerting unnecessary stress and torque pressure on the moving mechanism of your watch.

The low-cost motors used in poor quality watch winders do not sufficient torque and power to wind up large size quality modern watches.  Many unreliable brands use poor quality motors that are likely to burn out only after a few months of usage.

According to the Watch Winder Store, most of these motors are equipped for toy cars and not advanced watches. Do not risk damage to your valuable automatic watches by buying low-priced watch winders.

In addition, low-priced watch winders use unreliable parts, gear system and casing materials, such as low-grade wood and even plastic. Using low quality materials could be more costly for you in the long term. Minor initial savings may end up in huge repair bills.

Functionality and Compatibility

According to the Watch Winder Store, one cannot compromise on the functionality and compatibility of the watch while purchasing a watch winder. Purchase a watch winder that has the necessary functions and space for housing various watch brands and has different winding specifications.

Different watch brands require different turning modes and offer different functionality, hence purchase a watch winder with all industrial standard turning modes, including:

Clockwise Mode Spining Watch Winder

  • Clockwise mode
  • Counter-clockwise mode
  • Alternate mode (the alternate mode turns the clockwise and counter clockwise automatically in a factory preset program). The alternate mode is required for various watch brands, including Rolex.
  • Adjustable TPD (Turns per day). Choose a watch with an adjustable TPD function. This function allows you to select a more precise setting for your watch
  • Turn and Rest Function: A turn and rest function minimizes the risk of over stressing your watch’s main spring moving mechanism.

It is imperative you select a watch winder with the above functions so that regardless of the type of watch you have and the brand which created it, you can store it easily.


While users are generally instantly attracted to watch winders made from fine wood, they do not realize that fine wood requires regular maintenance and polishing to appear good as new. In addition, while purchasing wooden watch winders, you must also consider the quality, grading and the type of wood used for making the watch winder. In short, check the quality of the wood before making a purchase.

According to Watch Winder Store, one should opt for good quality wood, such as fine wood or premium grade kiln dried wood. Kiln dried wood has an edge over other types of wood because it is dried and aged with a special process in the factory, which means there is no moisture.

Double Watch Winder

If moisture is not removed, after a certain time period, the wood can crack and watch winder will lose its overall appearance. In addition, accumulation of moisture may cause the hinges, lids or other parts to become misaligned, preventing it from working properly in the long run.

Also, keep an eye out for vendors who advertise low-priced watch winders that use poor quality and unreliable casing materials. One way of assessing the material is inspecting how sturdy it is. Poor quality wood will feel lightweight and be comparatively thin. The casing will most likely crack or lose its shape over time.

Poor quality wood tends to warp and get air bubbles in hot and humid areas. So, people living in tropical areas should opt for high quality wood when it comes to watch winders. Otherwise, wood is not the ideal material for them.

Most Popular Watch Winder Brands

According to Watch Winders International here are the three most popular watch winder brands in the world:


Rapport has earned quite a reputation in the watch winding industry. Established in the 1898, Rapport has an edge over other brands because of its high-end, well-constructed British winders. The brand provides watch winders in a variety of styles and colors. Apart from luxury watch winders, the brand also produces watch cases, luxury clocks, collector watch boxes and other watch related accessories.

Rapport Double Watch Winder

The website is easy to navigate because of the handy sitemap. Unlike a majority of other brands, Rapport has an impressive listing of products with high quality images. The prices are clearly mentioned and the website also provides an overview of the history and heritage of the company.

Rapport provides the following types of watch winders:

  • Single watch winder
  • Double watch winder
  • Quad watch winder


Orbita is the world’s largest producer of fine watch winders for both manual and automatic wrist watches. The young yet extremely successful company was founded in 1996. Orbita’s main website offers great content and excellent suggested settings to use for any specific watch.

Orbita Two Watch Winder Features

The brand produces high quality products. The best watch winders are undoubtedly available at a mid to high price range. Orbita offers a unique technology, known as the rotorwind system, which causes the winder to ‘swing’ rather than just spin.

Orbita uses the finest materials for their products, including the best leather and modern carbon fibers. The website also features instructional videos that can help you learn more about the complexity and the construction of watch winders.

WOLF Designs

WOLF Designs is an iconic watch winder brand that was established in 1834. Apart from watch winders, the luxury leather goods company also produces the world’s most intricate jewelry boxes and watch storage boxes. The company prides itself on its undying pursuit of perfection, style and luxury.

Triple Watch Winder

With its innovative designs, WOLF has managed to establish a noteworthy reputation in the world of watch winders. The winders include latch closures, glass covers, black pebbled faux leather linings, and a variety of winding modules.

The layout of the website is professional and the site is easy to navigate. The brand offers various discounts and deals from time to time. Over the years, WOLF Designs has created some of the most beautiful and effective watch winders on the market.

The American company produces their winders in China. However, a lot of care is taken in producing the finished product. The brand continuously works to improve its design while maintaining high quality standards.

Best Watch Winders

WOLF Designs Roadster

WOLF Designs Roadster is one of the best watch winders in the world. The striking design and almost near silent operation makes the WOLF Designs Roadster the perfect place to showcase your fancy wrist watches. Some of its notable features include:

Single Watch Winder

  • A compact design with striking details
  • Backlit LCD display screen. The screen also shows a countdown of the remaining rotations in the daily cycle
  • A wide range of rotation options, incrementally 300 to 1200 turns per day
  • A cuff especially designed to accommodate heavier and larger watches, also includes a lock for secure fit
  • A wide range of modes, i.e. can turn clockwise, counter-clockwise or bi-directionally according to the model and make of your watch
  • An Ebony Macassar wood veneer

Brookstone Quad

Looking for a quality quad watch winder? The Brookstone Quad can be the perfect choice for you. The Brookstone Quad can store four watches at a time, offering a wide range of rotation modes, such as clockwise, counter clockwise and bi-directional. Some notable features of Brookstone Quad include:

Brookstone Quad

  • Exquisite, high quality wooden design
  • A power adapter
  • Each of the four winders work independently according to custom settings
  • An omni-directional motor that produces minimal noise

Orbita Tourbillon One Watch Winder

The Orbita Tourbillon One Watch Winder is a one of a kind single watch winder. The watch winder features a modern look with its glass crystal casing as opposed to wood which is a popular material used for making watch winders. Aside from the modern look, it also features a number of high-end features. Some notable features include:

Orbita Tourbillon One Watchwinder

  • An LED display. The flashing display can be turned off
  • An accurate quartz based mechanism
  • An automatic counter, which resets every night
  • See-through glass casing, which allows you to watch the watch winder in action
  • Push control buttons for easy operation

WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder

The Heritage 270002 single watch winder from WOLF was one of the first watch winders in the market that offered quality performance and silent operation. The watch winder features a classical design, including a patented lock in cuff which is specifically designed for larger watches.

Single Watch Winder


The watch winder features intermittent rotations, including a highly innovative programmed sleep option that prevents constant winding. Some notable features of the watch winder include:

  • An attractive design with a glass cover
  • Three winding directions
  • Glass casing which completes the look and provides a functional purpose, allowing people to see what’s happening inside the box
  • A silent motor
  • No lights, so the watch winder won’t keep you up at night

Versa Compact Automatic Dual Watch Winder

The Versa Compact Automatic Dual watch winder features a retro look that is perfect for showcasing your precious watches. The Versa rotates at different positions. The built-in timer allows you to customize winding rotations.

Versa G015 Automatic

You can choose from a variety of rotation mode options, such as clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional, according to the make and model of your watch. Some notable features include:

  • A one-year warranty
  • A removable watch pillow
  • 3 wind directions


Watch winders are highly useful devices that ensure your watches remain functional for years to come. A winder keeps the watches running and ready to wear whenever you need.

Huge Watch Winder

In addition, a winder ensures the moving mechanism of the watch runs smoothly even if you do to wear the watch regularly. Watch winders are useful for automatic and self-winding watches, as quartz watches do not need winding.

Because of the incredibly large array of winders available, it is imperative you do some research before finally purchasing a watch winder. Though watch winding is still a small industry, the number of brands is increasing by the day.

Apart from just focusing on the appearance of the product, pay attention to other factors, such as the functionality, compatibility, materials used, brand reputation and craftsmanship of the product to ensure you are making a worthwhile investment for your collectables.

This will ensure you get the best value for your money and at the same time, you can virtually guarantee that your watches have a safe home where they remain functional and in top condition, even if not used for an extended period of time.

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